The Grave Machine (2005)

1. All The Right Parts 2. Burnt At The Seams 3. Wake & Pray 4. Covered In Silence 5. One Side Dying 6. 3:15 7. Sleep Is The Enemy 8. I Am Providence 9. Buckle Under Weak Wrists 10. Death Of The Machines  Total running time - 69:54 Genres: industrial, progressive, doom   Please note this album is sold out!
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The Grave Machine was born from the ashes of Drop Kick Jesus. Brian Paone wanted to further explore the industrial/horror side of metal with this new band. Influenced heavily on industrial bands, they created an album that could rival every underground horror film soundtrack.

Sample-heavy songs, with grinding riffs and militant beats, set the groundwork for Brian's effect-heavy vocals. The band used films such as, The Amityville Horror, War Of The Worlds, May, and The Pit & The Pendulum as inspiration, lyrically and vocally.

Their self-titled, debut album was recorded in 2005. The Grave Machine toured throughout MA, NH, & NY. They opened for bands such as Coven Of 13, Blacklisted, and Tragedie Ann.

Brian Paone - vocals
Eric Park - bass, programming, samples
Pete Tachuk - guitar

Nick Panneton - backing vocals ("Covered In Silence")

Produced by Eric Park & Brian Paone
Recorded & mixed at Scarlet East Studio in Albany, NY
Artwork by Pete Tachuk

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