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How many of you did the Humpty Hump in 1990? You remember, that old-school rap song by Digital Underground (that included Tupac) … "The Humpty Dance" was the first song off Digital Underground's album, Sex Packets--considered by many to be the first real rap concept album. Like Pink Floyd's The Wall, Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, and The Who's Tommy or Quadrophenia, Digital Underground had written a rap version of a prog-rock concept album. Only this album's story took place in an alternate reality, in the ghetto, where drug dealers weren't slinging crack or pot--they were slinging sex in a packet.

I approached Money B and Shock G of Digital Underground about turning their seminal album into a rock-fiction novel (just as I had done with Electric Light Orchestra and Dog Fashion Disco). Money B has given me the thumbs up to try to bring their semi-dystopian storyline from the speakers to the pages.

As of right now, we are shooting for a first-quarter 2020 release schedule. The book is currently untitled; however, you can bet your biscuits that Humpty Hump I will be a major player in the narrative.

… more soon

What's in store for 2018? 2 novels, 2 short stories ... and Transpose shows??

Call it ambitious? I just call it finally acknowledging that releasing a new book every 3 years and Transpose being on hiatus since our 2013 tour ended is just not going to cut it anymore. So, what do I have in store for the word in 2018? Take a gander:

Books: I am on course of publishing a novel and a novella in 2018. The first book, The Nightly News, will be a comedic-military novel about the eight months my wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, in 2010 and left me home alone with two toddlers, and the learning curve and craziness that ensued during those months. Every night, for the 221 days she was gone, I emailed her, reviewing that day's shenanigans. The main composition of the book will be centered around the content of those emails.
The second release, a quasi-sci-fi novella adaptation of Digital Underground's Sex Packets album, will focus around the bumbling antics of the Packet Man as he distributes the untested hallucinogenic drug on the streets to sexually deprived husbands and boyfriends, who aren't quite ready to have real-life affairs yet. I'm shooting for a late-fall release schedule.

Short stories: I have 2 brand-new short stories being published this year. Starting off, "Two Gunslingers" is my first stab at a western and centers around a duel outside of a saloon where both duelists are not fully committed to getting shot that day. The story will be featured in the anthology A Contract of Words, to be released springtime.
The second story, currently untitled, follows two Marines as they visit a suspected haunted gravesite at midnight on the military base where they are stationed. The story will be featured in the anthology A Flash of Words, to be released in the fall.

And what's this about Transpose shows? Tim and I have two separate potential opportunities in 2018 to dust off the instruments and play a few shows ... Who knows what will come after that. A new album? A full-blown tour? Only time will tell, but this is at least a start in getting the band back into the driver's seat. Details about dates and locations on the Transpose shows will be forthcoming.

My 4th novel is out ... and what a rollout it was!

Well, it's been offered to the world ... and with such a crazy and exciting welcome too. Of my four-now published novels, nothing has compared to the launch of Moonlight City Drive; my supernatural, crime-noir thriller. What started with a Facebook message back in October 2016 turned into a year of the fastest and most grueling writing schedule I've ever had to keep in regards to the writing process of any of the novels so far. It was the first novel that had a strict deadline and a confirmed book release party months in advance--in Cleveland no less!

The book, a rock-fiction novelization of Dog Fashion Disco's Adultery album, is not only revered by the band's fans as their masterpiece, but even some say it might be the greatest concept album ever written. I knew I was stepping into some of the largest shoes one could step into as a rock-fiction author and that the potential for disaster or being blacklisted as a rock-fiction author was a very good possibility if I didn't get it just right. I know, unequivocally, if I mucked up this story and didn't ride the wave of the fans' expectations right on the crest all the way through, there would be public backlash. And the possibility of a large, bearded man hiding in my bushes with a machete, Annie Wilkes-style.

But, I did what any good and professional rock-fiction author would do, I drank a lot of alcohol and used the fans with me, not against me. The band members themselves got involved and were always available and transparent with what they expected from me as the author, and were willing to answer any questions I may have had with some of the more ambiguous lyrics of the album. (Is all their hair REALLY on fire? -- okay, that was never asked but I use it as a humorous example).

Fast forward to November. Moonlight City Drive is finished, edited, printed, and shipped in masse to Cleveland for the big weekend. Dog Fashion Disco hosted a two-day concert event at the Agora Ballroom and, brilliantly, realized we could make it the book's official release party too. The band and myself signed 200 copies of the book as a limited edition version, which was a trip. Sitting in a lobby of a hotel with the band members of the band that I had written the album that I had adapted into a novel, all signing the book. Todd Smith, the vocalist and lyricist of the band, during the signing offered me the best review of the book I could ever receive: "Brian, you really hit this one out of the park..." That was all the validation I needed for the 6 months of outlining, 4 months of writing, and 2 months of editing that had gone into the novel.

This is also the first novel where I had merchandise available for sale as companion pieces to the book. The band approved the "Top Gun For Hire" campfire mug (which is the exact mug the detective main character was given as a birthday gift by his secretary and drinks out of throughout the book), the "Rippetoe's Jazz Lounge" shot glass (which the reader can own the shot glass from the main character's favorite drinking spot throughout the book), and "Desert Palms Motel" and "Rippetoe's Jazz Lounge" matchbooks (which play an important role in the book's action.) 

The reaction from the crowd about the book, once doors opened on both days, was amazing. Nothing but love and hugs from the real Mushroom Cult. Which, this book was really written for. The reviews have started to trickle online and they are all positive so far. I guess I don't have to worry about the large, bearded man in my bushes anymore.

On stage during the second night, before they went into the Adultery portion of the set, Todd officially announced and endorsed the book to the fans, saying the bands' "great friend" and "an amazing writer" wrote the Adultery novelization. From a professional standpoint as a rock-fiction author, THAT is the promised land; having the band publicly endorse your work to their fans. It means they recognize it as part of their "canon", and your work is considered quality enough to add to their brand.

What else could I ask for as a rock-fiction author? Now it's on to see how Digital Underground is going to feel about my adaptation of Sex Packets...

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