Welcome To Parkview (MP3 audiobook)

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Parkview cover.jpg

Welcome To Parkview (MP3 audiobook)


"Welcome To Parkview" - audiobook (2014)

Narrated by Rob Shamblin

Run time: 9 hours / 13 minutes / 49 seconds


Welcome To Parkview reads the rusted sign along the outskirts of town. The tarnishing letters seem inviting, yet foreboding and mysterious. Is passing through such a wise idea?

The final destination may be more dangerous than the trip itself—an unapologetic journey through a town that thrives on sex, violence, and the macabre. A place built on deceit and temptation. A spot forever cursed with soulless transients, unforgiving lovers, and merciless vampires who hide in the shadows beyond.

The facade is peeled back just enough for you to see past its surface. There’s but a glimpse of the darkness that put Parkview on the map. Then you realize that nothing here is a coincidence. In Parkview, it may be best to keep buried secrets quiet.

In Parkview, even truth can be a deception.

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