Drop Kick Jesus | Depress The Heart (2000)

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Drop Kick Jesus was Brian Paone’s musical vision to combine heavy hardcore songs, with keyboards and samples. A new style that was much more intense than anything he wrote in Yellow #1. Their debut album, "Splatterguts," was released in 1998.

Promoting the album, Drop Kick Jesus went on a handful of mini-tours throughout MA, NH, & NY. Drop Kick Jesus played to a sold-out crowd at New York City's famous CBGB's club in December, 1999.

After spending three years, touring and promoting “Splatterguts,” Drop Kick Jesus wrote and released their second album, "Depress The Heart,” in 2000.

The album was a growth from “Splatterguts,” both musically and sonically. The attitude of the songs on “Depress The Heart” had moved away from the typical hardcore style, and extended further into the electro-metal genre. Drop Kick Jesus toured extensively on the new album throughout MA, NH, NY, VT, ME, RI, & PA.

During their career, they had opened for bands such as Faith No More, Limp Bizkit, Unearth, Vision Of Disorder, Pro-Pain, Will Haven, CrowbarBile, Crisis, Candiria,  The Clay People, Tree, Scissorfight, Honkeyball, Sam Black Church, Today Is The Day, and Grief.

Brian Paone - vocals
KJ Strum - guitar
Eric Park - bass
Ted Goclawski - drums
Justin St. Laurent - keyboards, samples

Produced by Neil Kernon
Recorded at River’s Edge Studio in Haverhill, MA
Mixed at Village Productions in Tornillo, TX
Artwork by Jeff Grossman


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