Transpose | A Delicate Impact (2007)

Transpose is Brian Paone’s current band. Transpose’s musical style and direction has been described as metal-core, progressive, and post-hardcore.

Their debut album, "A Delicate Impact," was released in 2007. The single from the album, "Only The Dead Go Free," was played on numerous FL based radio stations throughout the summer of 2008. That exposure enabled Transpose to play a constant schedule of regional shows, and win multiple musical contests.

After four years of touring and promoting “A Delicate Impact,” Transpose wrote and released their second album, “Retribution,” in 2011.

“Retribution” is a conceptual storyline written by Brian about a broken man’s reaction to infidelity. It saw the band experimenting more in the studio. Some of the new sounds include the addition of keyboards, samples, and acoustic guitar. After touring on "Retribution" for 2 years, Transpose went on a temporary hiatus in 2013.

n 2016, after 3 years of inactivity, discussions between the band members started again, and a sketches for a new album have are being written, with plans to record a 3rd album and a supporting tour.

Transpose has shared the stage with Mushroomhead, ShinedownAlesanaTub Ring, Future Leaders Of The World, Creature Feature, The World We Knew, One Eyed Doll, Hemlock, and many others.

Transpose official website.

Brian Paone - vocals
Tim Sigler - bass, vocals
Jason Bonner - drums
Joshua Givens - guitar

The "fuck yeah" singers on "America, Fuck Yeah!": Greg Dixon, Jim Stantial, Stephanie Paone, Rick Grice, John Garren, Christel Thompson, and Transpose

Produced by Paul Lapinski
Recorded & mixed at VisionSound Studio in Orange Park, FL
Artwork by Sean Carmichael

Customer Reviews

Great Stuff (★★★★★)” “Great music by great guys. Concerts are the best too.
— Eric Snook - iTunes Review
Simply amazing (★★★★★)” “This is the most amazing band I have ever heard. Love the whole album. Would suggest this to everyone.
— spotz07 - iTunes Review
A refreshing sound for metal heads. Quality, original music to satisfy the soul. The more you listen to this CD, the better it gets.
Refreshing to see a band not following trends and creating something not heard before. The more you listen, the more you enjoy.
— iTunes Review
I liken their music to a sonic form of abstract expressionism. I admire their artistic commitment and their energetic riff driven songs.
— Bill Scholer

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