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I can now take a long, deep breath ...

One of the greatest achievements for a rock-fiction author is having the band themselves give you the green light to write a novelization of one of their concept albums, before you start writing. That happened to me on Oct 13, 2016, when Jasan Stepp and Todd Smith of the band Dog Fashion Disco gave me their approval to turn their much-loved, fan favorite concept album, "Adultery," into a novel. The album had just celebrated its 10th anniversary and I, boldly, approached them with turning their crime-noir concept album into a novel. They were extremely receptive and encouraged me try to turn the Rubik's Cube of an album into a cohesive narrative,

I began work on the novel on May 2, 2017 (after almost 6 months of outlining, research, and making sure I had a good grasp on the storyline). On May 6, I drove to Baltimore to attend a Dog Fashion Disco concert, where, on stage, singer Todd Smith, for the first time, publicly announced and endorsed the fact I was writing the Adultery novelization. (There's a whole blog on that moment as well.)

From May 2 - August 24, I wrote and wrote and wrote ... sometimes 60 hours a week. Once the story arc (and album) really opened up in front of me, there was no stopping this train. The novelization, titled "Moonlight City Drive," is the fastest I have ever written a novel. This is officially my 4th book, and no book has come together this quickly from inception to completion.

The most unique aspect of writing this book was having a group of die-hard Dog Fashion Disco fans (and when I mean die hard, I mean threatening to hide in my bushes with knives if I messed up the album) help me throughout the writing process. I bounced ideas off them, and we were able to interact during the process. I have never been able to get feedback from the fanbase themselves during the writing of any of my novels.

But here we are. Last night, on Sept. 19, the author-copy proof arrived in the mail, in all its glory from graphic designers Kyle Lechner and Amy Hunter. Now, all the freight train mindset of writing it can calm down and I can take a long, deep breath ... that is, until, it gets in the hands of the fans and I have to be worried, yet once again, of the large bearded man in my bushes...

Author Takeover: William Thatch and his "A Haunting of Words" story

Today author William Thatch takes over my page with a discussion about his short story, "A Wacky, Fantastical Misadventure in New Haven," appearing in the anthology A Haunting of Words, which also includes my brand new short story, "Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys"):

“A Wacky, Fantastical Misadventure in New Haven” is about a man who is being haunted by the mischievous ghost of Adolf Hitler. Wacky hilarity ensues.

What inspired you to write this story?: The general inspiration for an absurdist comedy story came from the Frank Burly series by John Swartzwelder. How precisely I came up with this story, I have no idea. There was no particular impetus. I just put fingers to keyboard and let the story take me where it did. I knew the bare bones of the ending and the journey there, but that was it.

How long have you been writing?: Twenty-three years. If my writing were a Hollywood child actor, it would have been to rehab twice, house arrest once, had career ruined because of a flippant offhand comment about Jews, and found religion by now.

What genres do you most associate with in your writing?: Science fiction, primarily. I like to pair it with other things like noir, western, comedy, etc.

What are you working on right now?: A novella named Renaissance—a sequel about a French hitman with a heart of gold. The Caper Chronicles—a dramedy teleplay about a heist. And my entry for the next ‘Of Words’ anthology, which presently has no name, no characters, no story, no concept—you might say I have nothing prepared for it, and I’d call you technically correct, but a little mean for pointing it out.

What else do you have available/published: “The Highway” is featured in A Journey of Words. It is about a dog named Connie who gets away from her abusive owner and goes on an adventure to see and smell all the things she hadn’t seen and smelled before.

What advice do you give to new writers?: Write. Be honest about what you did wrong and what you could do better. Write some more. Don’t repeat the same mistakes.

List links where people can find your work:
Twitter: @The_0s1s

Author Takeover: C.H. Knyght and her "A Haunting of Words" story

Today author C.H. Knyght takes over my page with a discussion about her short story, "The Last," appearing in the anthology A Haunting of Words, which also includes my brand new short story, "Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys"):

"The Last" is a twisted tale of a monster hunting an innocent. With her whole family taken one-by-one, Marie fears for her very existence as the hunter returns one last time; for her soul.

What was you inspiration to write this story?: I was inspired to write The Last during a weekend challenge set during the Writer’s Games, run by the Writer’s Workout. The Last fell one place shy of a winning entry, so I was free to edit, polish, and make it the best it could be. It was ready for a home and found it in AHOW.

How long have you been writing?: I have been writing since I was a young teenager. I was always a bookworm and my dad encouraged me to write.

What genres do you most associate with your writing?: Fantasy is my broad genre of choice, but anything with magic or a supernatural mystique might come from my pen.

What are you working on right now?: I am currently participating in the Writer’s Games for the third year; won a round too. My main project is getting my novel, Nightvision, ready for self-publishing. I hope it will be released by the next end of summer depending on edits and illustrations.

What else do you have published?: This is my first released story. More to come soon though!

What advice do you give to new authors?: Don’t stop. One word after another. Look what you have accomplished, not what you gave left to do.

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